Desktop Management Services

Desktop management is the comprehensive management of all the computers used in an organization. It involves management not only of PCs as the name suggests but also laptops and all other computing devices. Desktop management is one of the components of systems management which involves overseeing every aspect of the information systems of an organization including network and database management.

Previously, the previous tasks of desktop management services were installing hardware and maintaining it, administering user permissions and spam filtering. As technology has evolved, this has changed and tasks related to security have become a significant part of desktop management. As this has happened, a significant portion of administrative resources have been directed towards tasks related to security including;

– eliminating spyware and viruses

– patch management

– keeping greynet applications under control. These are the applications that are installed without the knowledge or consent of a business such as programs for sharing files, RSS readers and instant messaging.

In carrying out security-related and other desktop management tasks, a Desktop Management Interface (DMI) is used. Desktop management services companies use this industry framework to monitor and manage the software and hardware components of computing network from one centralized location.

DMI was set up by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) for the purpose of automating system management. It works particularly well in a computing network that has dozens or more computers.

With the constant and varied threats of cyber security, it is essential to have a very efficient desktop management services company handling your system. Inefficiency can compromise or cripple operations and would leave an organization open to the invasion of viruses or cyberattacks like hacking.